Blockchain Due Diligence


Provided expert legal opinion letter and investigative report to an early cryptocurrency adopter for the use by the USCIS in relation to the client’s EB-5 investment funded by Bitcoin

Provided expert legal opinion and report demonstrating traceability and legality of a client’s Bitcoin and Ethereum holdings in connection with an EB-5 investment

Advised digital asset issuers on sufficiency of KYC/AML compliance for their blockchain-based assets

Advised digital asset issuer on traceability of their digital securities and tracking their cap table on the blockchain

Advised a real estate investor on the due diligence and mechanics of structuring a real estate transaction using Bitcoin, including blockchain forensics due diligence

Advised a digital securities buyer on the issues of tracking his assets and receiving refund in cryptocurrency

Advised a cryptocurrency fraud victim on the issues of blockchain forensics

Blockchain Forensics Legal Opinions, Reports and Investigations

Advising on legality and traceability of blockchain assets, we utilize not only our deep knowledge in the digital-asset legal compliance but also our vast network of professional connections, which include the major cryptocurrency and digital security exchanges, trusts, traders and broker-dealers.

We also employ the most reputable blockchain investigators to track every bit of information available on a blockchain. Our blockchain investigative partners also consult FBI fighting cybercrimes in the blockchain space.

Upon completion of our legal due diligence and independent investigation, we often issue legal opinions and blockchain forensic investigative reports, so that our clients have a complete understanding of the issue.

Our blockchain forensics legal expert opinions and investigative reports may contain:

  • detailed flow of our client’s or counterparty’s flow of cryptocurrency or other digital assets on a blockchain;
  • assessment of sufficiency of cryptographic private keys, public records and other factors establishing ownership of cryptocurrency or other digital asset on a blockchain;
  • KYC/AML compliance measures taken at each point of the funds’ journey by clients and third parties, including exchanges and OTC traders;
  • legal opinion on adoption, traceability, exchangeability and legality of a particular kind of digital asset existing on a blockchain;
  • regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies and other blockchain assets in the U.S. etc.

Our blockchain forensics legal expert opinions and investigative reports are an effective tool, which may be essential in, for example:

  • conducting due diligence of a cryptocurrency transaction, background check or KYC/AML compliance;
  • investing into digital securities;
  • making a purchase or investment using cryptocurrency or other digital assets;
  • demonstrating legality of your digital-asset holdings to the USCIS, IRS or other governmental agency.

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