Service Provider Disputes

Comprehensive Services to Resolve Blockchain Service Provider Disputes

We are experienced in guiding businesses throughout the entire process of developing and launching blockchain projects, including the identification of prospective service providers and negotiating the most favorable terms for their services.

When a legal dispute arises involving one of the service providers in the blockchain field, we understand the importance of prompt, professional resolutions. Accordingly, we work diligently to bring such disputes to favorable resolution as efficiently as possible, including by:

  • Investigating our client’s and the service providers’ claims regarding the dispute, including a thorough review of the service providers’ conduct, as related to the client’s specific blockchain project and applicable legal regulations and requirements;
  • Reviewing terms of service, contracts, and other agreements to determine the respective rights and obligations of our client and the relevant service providers;
  • Communicating with service providers on the client’s behalf to ensure fulfillment of the providers’ obligations and negotiating settlements outside of court or arbitration;
  • Representing the client in mediation or arbitration to resolve disputes with blockchain service providers without a court’s involvement;
  • If necessary, carrying out or defending legal actions in state or federal courts to compel service providers to comply with their obligations or compensate our client for the damages sustained as a result of the providers’ breach of their contractual or statutory duties.

For more information about our services in resolving disputes with ICO service providers,

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