Advised a premier New York brokerage firm on all legal matters, including commercial leasing, intellectual property, corporate matters, employment matters, and handled all disputes in connection with their business operations

Represented a foreign client in connection with their US business dealings, including setting up a company, opening bank accounts, negotiating with third parties

Advised foreign-based water treatment company in connection with US market entry, including corporate and tax matters, commercial leasing and intellectual property

Dilendorf Law Firm Provides Full Legal Support to Startups

We are here to guide young companies through full business cycle – from formation to angel and venture financing to IPO. We make it our priority to understand your industry, your business and your goals to develop a tailored and effective strategy and provide efficient service. We help our clients:

  • Choose appropriate business entity and structure
  • Set up corporate and organizational system
  • Guide founders and memorialize their understanding and agreements to avoid any future disputes
  • Protect intellectual property rights by registering trademarks and copyrights and drafting confidentiality agreements to protect trade secrets
  • Handle employment matters and ensure employees are properly incentivized to drive the business forward
  • Guide entrepreneurs through various rounds of financings, from angel level to venture capital
  • Assist clients and provide full support for strategic deals including mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and spin-offs
  • Prepare successful companies for IPO

As startup counsel, we also offer specialized expertise including employee incentive compensation plans, founder arrangements, funding support, strategic alliances and critical tax guidance. We understand the full spectrum challenges faced by startups and provide pragmatic and effective solutions.

Startup Package | One Stop Shop for Entrepreneurs

We offer Startup Kickoff Package aimed to address the immediate needs of starting a business and provide tools for successful growth and development. Our flat-fee package offers comprehensive legal guidance at a fraction of a cost and ensures smooth operation of a new business.



filing fees not included

  • 1 hour initial consultation and strategy session
  • Preparation of incorporation, organization and qualification documents
    • Preparation and filing of the Certificate of Incorporation or Certificate of Formation
    • Preparation of initial Bylaws and Corporate Resolutions
    • Preparation of organizational Board Consent or Member Consent
    • Corporate Record Book and Stock Issuance
  • Assistance with compliance related to publishing requirements of your new entity
  • Obtaining of Employer Identification/tax ID number
  • Choice of any three of the following agreements (not including negotiation):
    • Employment Offer Letters
    • Independent Contractor Agreement
    • Consulting Agreement
    • 1 application for trademark registration (each additional application $750)
    • Intellectual Property Assignment Agreement
    • Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Five (5) additional hours of legal time for consultations on other matters, including drafting, revisions or negotiations of any contracts

Our flat-fee Startup Kickoff Package allows you to focus on launching and growing your business while we handle your legal needs.

For existing businesses, please visit our GENERAL COUNSEL practice and Outside General Counsel flat-fee package options.

Hire Dilendorf Law Firm as Your Startup Counsel 

  • Commitment to Your Success. Our work often begins before company formation and continues through full business cycle. We help establish and grow your business and take pride in your success.
  • Stellar Service. Our firm places a strong emphasis on providing our clients with unparalleled customer service and delivering high-quality work product.
  • Custom Solutions. We study your business model and your industry. We recognize that no two businesses are the same and tailor our advice to your specific needs.
  • Exceptional Network. We help you build strategic alliances and have access to unparalleled network of advisors, consultants and investors.
  • Long-term Plan. We always keep in mind your personal and professional long-term goals and offer solutions that are right for you, your business and your family.
  • Cost Conscious. We are upfront about all our fees. No surprises. No hidden charges. Flat fees.
  • 24/7 Availability. We understand that time is of the essence in business, so we work quickly and efficiently and are always available for our clients. 7 days a week. 24 hours a day.

Launch Your Startup with Dilendorf Law Firm

Starting and growing your business presents a wide array of legal challenges. Our startup lawyers work with entrepreneurs to launch and grow successful business ventures and regularly advise entrepreneurs in NYC and beyond on a wide range of legal matters, including implementing an efficient corporate and tax structure. Our clients value our diligence, attention to detail and dedication to their business.

We strive to provide exceptional service, valuable advice and effective solutions for our clients – from inception through all phases of a business cycle.  As entrepreneurs ourselves, we recognize and appreciate the fast-paced tempo and hard work it takes to bring an idea into fruition.

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