General Counsel Services

KSTechLaw (Khurdayan PLLC) offers services as outside general counsel to businesses of all sizes. Whether a client has a routine need for legal counsel or a temporary one, our firm is happy to offer our assistance in guiding the client through the business and legal issues quickly and effectively.

We take pride in being a part of our clients’ growth and success.

As outside general counsel, we focus on ensuring that our clients are fully informed and are making legally and financially appropriate decisions to grow their business. Often, we negotiate with third parties as the client’s business grows – investors, customers, vendors, landlords, accountants, consultants, media outlets, governmental and regulatory agencies.

Our Firm as Outside General Counsel

Businesses routinely face a series of legal issues and challenges. An outside general counsel is an attorney who is not employed by the company but handles a broad range of legal and business problems whenever needed. Outside general counsel is often a sound financial decision for formative-stage companies (between startup and IPO) that allows them to take care of all the legal needs without the expenditure of having a full-time lawyer on staff.

Many of our clients are business owners that are large enough to require advice on complex legal issues but are not ready to employ a full-time in-house attorney. We strive to understand our client’s industry and business model, and quickly identify where our expertise can be beneficial to business growth and success.

We Provide a Full Suite of General Counsel Services

We bring years of experience in commercial transactions to our work as outside general counsel. Our relationship with clients as trusted advisors coupled with our understanding of each client’s business, allows us to address their day-to-day legal needs quickly and efficiently, as well as anticipate legal risks and develop strategies to address those risks beforehand.

Our general counsel services include, among other things:

  • Guiding companies through the full business cycle – from formation to angel and venture financing to private/public offerings of securities, including digital securities;
  • Choosing and setting up appropriate holding and operating structures;
  • Identifying, structuring, and closing all stages of funding – terms, agreements, offering documents, regulatory filings;
  • Protecting clients’ intellectual property, including trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets;
  • Legal support of strategic deals including mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, and spin-offs;
  • General counsel services for day-to-day legal and compliance matters;
  • Providing full legal due diligence and transactional support;
  • Contract drafting, review, and negotiation (i.e., software development, technology and license agreements, non-compete, trade secret and non-disclosure agreements, product commercialization and professional services agreements, vendor and services agreements, leases, incentives, and executive compensation agreements, etc.).

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Advised premier new york brokerage firm on all legal matters, including commercial leasing, intellectual property, corporate matters, employment matters, and handled all disputes in connection with their business operations

Represented a foreign in client in connection with their US business dealings, including setting up a company, opening bank accounts, negotiating with third parties

Advised foreign-based client in connection with US market entry, including corporate and tax matters, commercial leasing and intellectual property

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